EDI in the PBS ecosystem: SEEBURGER migration, cloud and consulting

The family-owned company edding was founded in Hamburg in 1960 and has over six decades of expertise in the development, production and distribution of reliable, high-quality products.

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Edding EN Case
Edding EN Case
Edding EN Case
Edding EN Case

With the brands edding, Legamaster, and Playroom, our product portfolio includes markers and writing instruments, visual communication products such as flipcharts, whiteboards, and e-screens, innovative digital applications, and tattoo ink. One of our company’s fundamental values is responsibility towards the environment and society. As part of our current strategic transformation towards a profit-for-purpose company, we no longer see economic success as the main goal, but as a resource to do good. We continuously work on improving our products and processes to minimize our CO2e emissions while ensuring the highest standards of usability and performance.

Partnership with aurebus

Collaborating with IT service providers who have high standards for quality and innovation plays a crucial role in edding’s strategy to drive digital transformation and innovation, increase efficiency, and explore new markets. In this context, we decided many years ago to partner with aurebus to leverage their specialized expertise in system integration, EDI, and SEEBURGER BIS to successfully achieve our ambitious digitalization and process optimization goals.

BIS Remote Managed Service

With the BIS Remote Managed Service from aurebus, we meet our commitment that our existing and newly integrated EDI partners are personally, competently, and professionally supported by a team with dedicated contacts. The great and unique aspect is that our colleagues at aurebus act as an extension of our internal team.

A further significant added value for us is that the team at aurebus has known our specific B2B processes and the general PBS (Paper, Office Supplies, and Stationery) industry for many years, bringing valuable experience. This ensures we can rely on their understanding and autonomous handling of all EDI and B2B tasks. aurebus’s PBS industry knowledge helps improve the efficiency of our processes and provides us with a competitive edge. Their understanding of industry-specific challenges means that potential issues can be prevented beforehand.

Industry Know-How

We automatically benefit from the synergies that arise at aurebus through their collaboration with many other companies in the PBS ecosystem: **faster and better solutions, more efficient communication with B2B partners**, resulting in lower costs, less effort, and quicker market entry.

The value-based communication of aurebus and their approach, where even complex technical content is made clear and understandable for all stakeholders from different departments, enhances the efficiency of implementations and fosters the trust and loyalty of our business partners. This is what optimal B2B/EDI partner and process management looks like for us.

Edding En Case Study
Edding En Case Study
Edding En Case Study
Edding En Case Study
Migration to a Modern MS Azure Cloud Environment

The history between edding and aurebus is marked by numerous successful EDI implementations that have significantly improved operational efficiency at edding.

Of particular note is the recent migration of edding’s IT infrastructure to a modern MS Azure cloud environment. This complex task was executed by aurebus without any operational interruptions, demonstrating their ability to precisely handle demanding technical projects. Despite the significant modernizations in the IT infrastructure surrounding the EDI landscape, the availability of EDI functions for our EDI partners was maintained at all times, and the transition went smoothly and as planned.

Monitoring of the SEEBURGER BIS Application

The monitoring of our EDI servers and EDI databases at the operating system level, the monitoring of the SEEBURGER BIS application with guaranteed response times, and the patch and update service for SEEBURGER BIS form a reliable package as an aurebus service that ensures the operation and security of our business-critical EDI processes meet our high-quality standards, allowing us to focus on our core tasks.

Our collaboration with aurebus goes far beyond technical issues. It is a partnership built on a solid foundation of shared values and principles. Respect, commitment to quality, and a strong customer orientation are values we share. They are important to us because they help us overcome operational challenges more quickly and have a positive impact on the culture of our collaboration.

As part of our strategy, we will continue to plan with aurebus as our partner for system integration.

The partnership between edding and aurebus exemplifies the added value that arises from technological expertise paired with a deep understanding of industry requirements and interpersonal communication. aurebus’ commitment to individual solutions and continuous improvement has helped edding meet current challenges and positions both companies strongly for future innovations and successes in our digitally connected world.”

Yannik Abendroth, Head of SAP Solutions, edding AG

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