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Schröter Bürobedarf + EDV-Zubehör GmbH is an established system supplier in the field of C-articles and offers companies a comprehensive full range of office supplies.

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With a growing marketplace of over 2 million items, we enable simple ordering and logistics processes, supported by personal contacts on site.

With aurebus, we have found a partner that perfectly aligns with our own philosophy. Our shared goal is to make our customers more efficient, and just like them, we appreciate the adaptability and customized solutions that aurebus offers for our B2B connections.

The fully automated order processing via EDI optimizes both our speed and quality. Aurebus ensures not only that we receive our customers’ data reliably and promptly but also exactly in the form we need.

The aurebus Cloud provides us with the advantage that both performance and costs scale equally. In a time when requirements often change and vary, it is good to have a partner by our side who supports us at any time with innovative concepts, such as in the electronic handling of partners with smaller order volumes.

With aurebus, we have not only found a reliable partner who shares our values but also a team that always responds quickly and professionally to our concerns. The efforts of the aurebus team to address challenges quickly and effectively underscore their dedication to excellent customer service. This quick responsiveness reinforces our trust in the partnership and confirms aurebus as a top-notch provider who not only understands our needs but also meets them promptly.

Andreas Schleicher – Managing Partner
Schröter Bürobedarf + EDV-Zubehör GmbH

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