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    Remote – Deutschland · Consulting · Full-time ·
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Here you can contribute your talents.



The heart of our company: We advise our customers, create concepts, write mappings and take over the communication between our customers and their partners during the project.


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Project Management Team bei aurebus

Project Management

Here you can ensure that projects run smoothly, with communication focused on the customer and a deep understanding of EDI.



Here you will work on the design, implementation, protection, availability, management, monitoring and optimization of cloud infrastructures.

Geschäftsführer aurebus
Geschäftsführer aurebus


You advise potential customers on our Electronic Data Interchange portfolio (EDI).

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Here you will ensure our visibility as an attractive employer and reliable partner for new and existing customers.

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People Experience & Recruiting

Here you work for people who already work for us or who want to become part of the team.

What do we offer?

  • Remote

    We mainly work from Germany, but also have colleagues in the EU.

  • Flexible working hours

    Plan your 40-hour week flexibly according to your needs.

  • Vacation

    We offer you 30 days of vacation.

  • Devices

    We provide you with the necessary hardware and software: Windows laptop, company cell phone iPhone, modern hardware.

  • Consideration for the family situation

    Do you have to look after your parents, children or close friends at short notice? We absolutely understand that!

  • Development

    We start with a professional induction plan, regularly review your development together in feedback meetings and draw up individual development plans on this basis.

  • Training and professional events

    Our team attends specialist events and content-related training courses to further their education.

  • Self-financed

    Our company is self-financed and has been successful since 2018.

aurebus Team im Meeting
aurebus Team im Meeting

Philosophy and background
from aurebus

The naming of aurebus is composed of Marc Aurel and Business, and is emphasized on the E [aurebus].

Marcus Aurelius, the stoic emperor, sang the praises of wisdom, justice, bravery and self-control. His teachings are a dance between maintaining composure and reason in the face of adversity and emphasizing ethical principles and acting with integrity.

More about our values can be found in “About us”.

Kölner Dom

Remote Company

We believe in autonomy and trust. That’s why we offer the opportunity to work 100% remotely, which makes the work-life balance much easier. The regular team meetings in Cologne city center help to strengthen the team spirit and promote social interaction. You can find out how our team rates us on Kununu:



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team aurebus xmas
team aurebus xmas
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Erweitertes Team aburebus
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GF aurebus presentation


aurebus Operations Team
aurebus Operations Team


Onboarding begins as soon as you accept the position. Office Management and People Experience take care of contractual and organizational matters. We stay in contact with you, invite you to meetings or parties that have already been planned and make sure that you receive your equipment.
During the pre-boarding phase, we have also drawn up a detailed professional induction plan, chosen a mentor and told you everything you need to know to get started soon.

team consulting aurebus
team consulting aurebus

Welcome and first 2 weeks

On your first day, you will find a mixture of appointments and self-learning content. We want to give you all the information bit by bit, but not overload you with the wealth of processes, tools and information. Your mentor, like your manager, will provide you with advice and support throughout your induction period.

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Integration phase

Now that you have gotten to know the contact persons and internal processes, we would like to involve you in customer appointments and projects so that you can finally get started. At this stage, we also welcome your feedback on your induction and want to keep improving.

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aurebus consultants

Development paths

We invest in your skills and offer you the opportunity for personal development.

  • We draw up an up-to-date and individual induction plan before you start.
  • During the induction period, there are several feedback meetings to ensure that we do not lose sight of developments.
  • We work with you on an annual basis to draw up a personnel development plan with SMART goals and measures that can help you progress.

The recruiting process

  • Send application or message

    With this first contact you show us your interest in working with us. We usually take up to 3 days to respond to you.

  • Get to know

    The first interview takes place between People Experience (PX) and you. We can ask initial, important questions and see whether expectations can be met on both sides. The interview lasts 30 minutes and the invitation to the interview is usually sent within 7 days.

  • Deep Dive

    In this 1-hour interview, you will get to know our specialist department and the Managing Director.

    The aim is to find out more about your professional background, get answers to your questions and work on a real case from our day-to-day work.

  • Feedback

    Within 7 days of the last interview, we would like to either give you constructive reasons for the rejection or, if you accept, present the contract offer. We usually schedule 30 minutes for this.

  • Welcome and onboarding

    Your colleagues from Office Management and PX will contact you just a few days after you have been accepted to discuss the details of your start.

More questions? Ask them now!

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