Migration from SEEBURGER BIS6.5 to BIS6.7

Bell Food Group Ltd, with its leading role in the processing of meat and convenience products in Europe and its market leadership in Switzerland, is an example of quality and innovation.

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As a company with an annual turnover of 4.5 billion Swiss francs and over 13,000 employees, Bell emphasizes the importance of efficient and effective business processes. Seamless EDI operations are therefore crucial for Bell, as they enable fast, error-free communication with suppliers and customers. We place great emphasis on maintaining high standards in food production and safety, and on the continuous optimization of supply chains. Reliability, efficiency, and compliance are therefore also of great importance to us in digital communication.

Since 2020, Bell Food Group AG has maintained a successful partnership with aurebus to strengthen digital EDI integration processes in various ways.

EDI Integration Processes

“The BIS Heartbeat Monitor constantly checks the accessibility of our SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite, our central platform for integration processes, from the outside. This ensures that even the smallest availability fluctuations are detected and corrected immediately,” says Markus Kollatz, Head of DevOps Center SAP.

The Heartbeat Monitor is complemented by the aurebus 24/7 service, which performs qualified analyses immediately in rare cases of errors, contributing to quick solutions. aurebus meets our high standards of continuous EDI operations with SEEBURGER BIS with nearly 100% availability. This is an important component to ensure business continuity for Bell.

Migration to SEEBURGER BIS

The migration from SEEBURGER BIS6.5 to BIS6.7 was carried out by aurebus seamlessly and without side effects, despite the project’s complexity due to the many BIS clients and B2B partners. The BIS major release upgrade had no impact on connected customers, suppliers, other EDI business partners, or our internal systems. This discreet approach by aurebus saved everyone involved a lot of time, nerves, and effort.

“Thanks to their comprehensive technical expertise from years of experience, aurebus was able to complete the migration extremely quickly, exceeding our expectations. Their efficient and unobtrusive working method particularly highlights aurebus’ competence and reliability as an EDI service provider – we benefit from this.”

Patch and Update Service (PU)

With the aurebus Patch and Update Service for SEEBURGER BIS, the constant up-to-dateness of BIS systems is ensured in advance. Through regular updates, aurebus minimizes security risks and ensures that systems are equipped with the latest features. This increases the performance of Bell’s EDI processes. The Patch and Update Service from aurebus enables proactive maintenance, identifying and fixing potential issues before they can disrupt operations.

“This gives us higher EDI availability and a reduction in downtime. aurebus’s service underlines their commitment to our strong partnership by helping us stay one step ahead.”

Consolidation of Systems at Various Locations

The Europe-wide consolidation of HR systems was a key project that aurebus conducted for and with Bell. Proprietary master data from many source systems were transferred into a central system with different communication channels by aurebus with BIS. The process’s complexity and the diversity of data from heterogeneous HR systems within Bell’s various locations in Europe made the project particularly challenging.

aurebus played a crucial role in tackling this challenge by leveraging its deep understanding of EAI processes, data integration, and consolidation. Once again, aurebus managed to enable a smooth and efficient transition on time and within budget. The benefits for us include improved data quality and availability and strong harmonization of HR processes at Bell. aurebus took responsibility for the technical implementation of the EAI scenarios with SEEBURGER BIS and thus helped Bell unify HR operations across Europe – a foundation for improved analytical capabilities and strategic personnel decisions.

We will continue to rely on successful collaboration with aurebus in the future to tackle new technological challenges and develop innovative solutions together.

Markus Kollatz, Head of DevOps Center SAP, Bell Food Group AG

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