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At Aurebus, we are part of a community that takes pride in creating a work environment guided by our core values. These values are meant to be the foundation of our corporate culture and serve as our compass in daily actions and decision-making. They reflect our collective commitment to high quality, state-of-the-art services, collaboration, and mutual respect.

In this post, you will find a summary of our key values, which shape our approach to work, interactions with our customers and colleagues, and our overall business strategy.

Values that are crucial to our success and our continuous efforts to grow as a company and make a positive impact in the world.

Communication Skills

Effective Communication of Ideas and Information

We strive to present complex topics clearly and engagingly. This means utilizing a variety of media and techniques to capture our audience’s attention and understanding. Each of us is encouraged to bring clarity and interest in our presentations and communications.

Nurturing Interpersonal Relationships and Collaborative Problem Solving

Our goal is to create a work environment where trust and openness prevail. Through honest and sincere communication, we strengthen our relationships and work together on solutions that consider all parties involved. We believe that a collaborative approach to challenges is key to sustainable success.

Clear and Precise Communication, Active Listening, Empathy, and Openness to Criticism

We aim to convey our messages clearly and understandably, actively listen, and show empathy. Feedback is a gift, and we value every opportunity to improve our communication skills. Openness to constructive criticism is an essential part of our growth.

Respect for Different Opinions and Perspectives

At Aurebus, we know that diversity of thought and opinion makes us stronger. We promote an inclusive environment where different viewpoints are seen as an enrichment and source of innovation. Every voice counts and deserves to be heard.

Adaptive and Audience-Oriented Communication

Our communication is flexible and adapts to the needs of different audiences. We understand that effective communication involves both sending and receiving and interpreting information. We strive to craft our messages in a way that resonates with each listener.

Promoting a Culture of Feedback and Continuous Learning

We are committed to establishing a culture where constructive feedback is encouraged and seen as an opportunity for learning. Regular exchange and reflection sessions help us learn as a team and continuously develop our communication skills.

Customer Focus

Service and Value Creation for Internal and External Customers

We are committed to listening attentively to our customers and not only meeting their needs but exceeding their expectations. Every interaction with our customers, whether direct or indirect, is an opportunity to create value and build positive, lasting relationships.

Identifying and Meeting People’s Needs

Our approach goes beyond purely business concerns. We strive to understand our customers’ needs on a deeper, more personal level. This means putting ourselves in our customers’ shoes, understanding their challenges and desires, and offering tailored solutions.

Positive Impact on the Experiences of the People We Interact With

Every interaction is an opportunity to leave a lasting, positive impression. We strive to maintain a high standard of professionalism and care in our products and services and every communication.

The Perspective of “Customer” Also Applies to Colleagues, Suppliers, Team Members, Supervisors

At Aurebus, we expand the concept of customer focus by applying it to all our stakeholders. This includes working with colleagues, suppliers, and other partners with the same dedication and respect we show our external customers.

Proactive Customer Communication and Engagement

We strive for a proactive approach, not only responding to customer inquiries but actively reaching out to understand their needs and expectations. This includes regular check-ins, customer surveys, and feedback sessions.

Personalized Customer Service and Experience

We aim to provide our customers with personalized experiences tailored to their specific needs and preferences. This personalized approach strengthens customer loyalty and increases customer satisfaction.

Sustainable and Ethical Customer Relationships

We value building long-term, ethical, and sustainable relationships with our customers. This includes promoting environmentally friendly practices and considering ethical standards in our business decisions.

Leadership and Responsibility

Self-Leadership and Personal Responsibility

Every employee at Aurebus is encouraged to develop a self-leadership mindset. Initiative, accountability for one’s actions and decisions, and proactive self-improvement are expected.

Transparent and Inclusive Decision-Making

Decisions are made transparently and with the involvement of relevant team members to consider different perspectives and find balanced solutions.

Ethical and Value-Based Actions

Leadership means acting ethically and according to our company values. Integrity, respect, and fairness shape our interactions and decisions.

Continuous Learning and Skill Development

Leadership and responsibility require continuous development of skills and knowledge. Aurebus promotes professional development and skill enhancement for all employees.

Supporting and Encouraging Team Members

Leadership involves encouraging and supporting other team members to reach their full potential and create a supportive environment.

Being a Role Model in Word and Deed

Every employee is encouraged to be a role model through their behavior, showing professional conduct and proactive communication.

Excellent Service and Collaboration

Customer Orientation in Every Aspect of Service

We demonstrate a high level of customer orientation in all our services and strive to exceed our customers’ expectations and provide value in every interaction.

Promoting Teamwork and Collaborative Approaches

Promoting strong teamwork and utilizing collaborative approaches are essential to achieving excellent results.

Continuous Improvement and Quality Pursuit

We are committed to continuous improvement in all areas of our service and strive for the highest quality in our products and services.

Efficient Communication and Information Exchange

Efficient communication and transparent information exchange are key elements for excellent service and effective collaboration.

Adaptability and Flexibility in Service Delivery

We remain adaptable and flexible to respond quickly and effectively to changing customer needs.

Establishing Partnerships and Networks

Excellent service means building strong partnerships and networks, both internally and with external stakeholders.

Accountability and Commitment to Excellence

Every employee is responsible for the quality of the service they provide and committed to always doing their best.

State-of-the-Art and Creative Problem Solving

Promoting a Creative and Open Mindset

We encourage everyone at Aurebus to think creatively and openly, challenge traditional approaches, and explore modern or even innovative ways to solve problems.

Using Technology and Digital Tools for Problem Solving

We use the latest digital tools and technologies to develop modern or innovative solutions and stay on the cutting edge.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

Innovative solutions often arise at the intersection of various disciplines, so we encourage collaboration between different teams and departments.

Willingness to Experiment and Take Risks

We recognize that innovation involves risks and encourage a willingness to experiment and take calculated risks.

Iterative Development and Continuous Learning

Solutions are developed iteratively, learning from mistakes and setbacks to continuously improve our approaches.

Proactive Identification and Addressing of Challenges

We proactively identify and address potential challenges and develop innovative solutions early on.

Multifunctionality and Versatility

Initiative and Responsibility

At Aurebus, when someone identifies an unfinished task, they take responsibility until it is assigned to someone or completed.

Flexibility in Task Management

Everyone on the team takes on tasks beyond their core area, which is crucial for a small company like Aurebus.

Encouraging Willingness to Learn and Adaptability

Everyone is encouraged to continuously educate themselves and learn new skills to remain versatile.

Cross-Team Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

Multifunctionality also means collaborating across teams and sharing knowledge.

Proactive Communication and Networking

It is important to communicate proactively and maintain networks both within and outside the company.

Creativity and Innovation

We foster a culture where creativity and innovation are valued, and unconventional approaches to problem-solving are considered.

Our Shared Commitment to Company Values

At Aurebus, the values presented are not just guiding principles but also an integral part of who we are and how we see ourselves as a community. To keep these values alive and shape our actions, we ensure that each of us…

…can identify with these values: It is important that everyone sees themselves in these values and considers them part of their professional identity. They should reflect our decisions, behavior, and interactions in everyday work.

…perceives Aurebus through these values: These values serve as the core of our corporate culture. We strive to make them visible and tangible in every aspect of our organization – from the way we communicate internally to our commitment and service to our customers.

…represents these values to others: Each of us serves as an ambassador of these values. We aim to live them not only internally but also in our interactions with the outside world, whether with customers, partners, or the broader community, actively promoting and upholding them.

By internalizing and actively living these values, each team member strengthens not only their development but also contributes to the growth and success of Aurebus.

Together, we aim to create a culture characterized by integrity, respect, innovation, and excellence, where everyone feels valued and inspired.

Thus, we come full circle with our company values, which form the core of Aurebus and guide us as individuals and as part of a larger whole.

Would You Like to Learn More About Our Values and Principles?

Discover firsthand why we consider our values so important, how we implement them in our collaboration, and what we do to create benefits and added value.

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