SAP PI/PO End of Maintenance End of Life 2027 – What You Need to Know?

Do you use SAP PI / PO for EAI integration processes and EDI? SAP PI/PO middleware is a critical component of the IT infrastructure for many companies. It's time to take action, as the SAP PI/PO End of Life is on 31.12.2027. Learn here how to prepare for the necessary changes in time and what opportunities and possibilities this entails.

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Why you should take action now because of the SAP PI/PO End of Life?

The transition from SAP PI/PO to another platform typically takes at least a year. Companies using SAP PI/PO have numerous integration processes affected by the end of maintenance. Keep in mind: The SAP PI/PO End of Life 2027 affects all integrations: Format conversions (mappings) and system connections must be switched and tested – regardless of which new platform is migrated to. If EDI processes run via SAP PI/PO, even external stakeholders (EDI business partners or their service providers) must be included in the tests and communication changes.

Hands-on: How to proceed operationally for the End of Life SAP PI/PO 2027

Analyze existing SAP PI/PO integration processes

  • Create a matrix that shows which source systems communicate with which target systems.
  • Document used data formats and specifics (user exits) in the processes.

Clustering of SAP PI/PO processes

  • Differentiate between EAI and EDI processes.
  • Identify processes with external partners and purely internal processes.
  • Determine time-critical and less time-critical processes.

Make strategic decisions for the future

  • Plan the future continuation of the processes with a 5-year horizon.
  • Develop an integration strategy that matches your company goals.

Update stakeholder contact details

  • Ensure that all contact persons of the connected systems are up to date.
  • Consider the multitude of stakeholders in EDI processes.

Efficient migration project management

  • Deploy resources in SAP PI/PO and integration projects that have broad and deep experience.
  • Choose experts who have cross-system and cross-technology competencies.
Containerships Migration SAP EN
Containerships Migration SAP EN
Containerships Migration SAP EN
Containerships Migration SAP EN
CTA Klaus EN
CTA Klaus EN

Would you like to find out how we would approach your SAP PI/PO migration project?

What do you need for the SAP PI/PO transition?

  • Time: Plan early and carefully.
  • Experience: Rely on experienced project managers and technology experts in the integration field.
  • Strategy: Develop a migration strategy with minimal impact on EDI partners and systems.

Where should the SAP PI/PO integration processes be migrated to?

Whether all processes should be migrated to the SAP Integration Suite (as recommended by SAP) or, for example, purely EDI processes to a specialized EDI platform in the context of the SAP PI/PO End of Life 2027, definitely depends on strategic and technological considerations. The decisions should be tailored to the specific needs of your company.

Support from aurebus

We help answer the relevant questions. We bring our operational experiences from successful SAP PI/PO migration projects and deliver a strategic implementation plan as well as the technical execution. Many companies have already successfully transitioned to other platforms with aurebus due to the SAP PI/PO End of Life 2027. And because the results have led to high satisfaction, you can read real SAP PI/PO migration aurebus success stories from Bossard and Containerships.


Bossard Migration SAP EN
Bossard Migration SAP EN
Bossard Migration SAP EN
Bossard Migration SAP EN
CTA Consulting EN
CTA Consulting EN

Let's exchange with your EDI consultants how to approach your SAP PI/PO migration project.

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