Data protection at aurebus: A look behind the scenes

The security and integrity of our customers', applicants', and partners' data are our top priority at Aurebus. But how exactly do we ensure this protection in practice? To answer this question, we spoke with Lucas Richert, our Cloud Systems Administrator for IT Security.

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Data protection is not only a legal requirement but an ethical principle to which we at Aurebus are committed,” explains Lucas. “We understand the sensitivity and value of the data we manage and recognize the responsibility that comes with it.”

Security Concept

Lucas discusses the multi-layered measures Aurebus has implemented to ensure data protection. “In our security concept, we place special emphasis on encryption technologies, access controls, regular security audits, and training for our employees.”



Control over infrastructure also plays an important role. “By using a cloud-only server infrastructure, we can leverage the full range of security measures available in the tech world! We rely on access-based security controls, fully automated backup solutions, and GDPR-compliant access to our EDI software to protect customer data. We are absolutely convinced that our security measures meet the highest standards, and our customers can rely on us!” explains Lucas proudly.

Certification Bodies

Another crucial aspect is collaboration with trusted partners and certification bodies. “We work closely with renowned certification bodies to ensure that our data protection practices meet the highest standards. For monitoring data protection issues, we have opted for a fully digital solution,” emphasizes Lucas. “This allows us to manage all data protection processes and documents clearly and process-oriented, keeping them up-to-date at all times. Thanks to this measure, we can handle customer data in a GDPR-compliant manner from the first minute of collaboration and ensure this throughout the entire partnership.”

Personal Responsibility

Despite all technical measures, Lucas emphasizes the importance of the human component. “Technology alone is not enough,” he says. “It is crucial that our employees are aware of data protection issues and know how to act in different situations.”

Continuous Improvement

Finally, Lucas highlights the importance of continuous improvement and adaptation to changing threats. “Data protection is an ever-evolving topic,” he says. “At Aurebus, we remain vigilant and continually invest in enhancing our security infrastructure to ensure the protection of our customers’ data.”

Thank you very much for the conversation, Lucas.

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