API, web services, eShop and BIS6 infrastructure

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Bossard EN quote whitepaper
Bossard EN quote whitepaper
Bossard EN quote whitepaper
Bossard EN quote whitepaper

aurebus is our first point of contact and daily companion for all matters of system integration, electronic data interchange, and our central middleware SEEBURGER BIS6. We receive top-notch strategic advice for designing our B2B and EDI/EAI infrastructure.

Particularly noteworthy at aurebus are the tangible experiences we gain through their competent consulting. aurebus has sustainably and dynamically positioned our IT landscape so that we can meet future requirements with secure standards and guidelines.

aurebus understands our modern and complex structures and quickly and effectively implements the resulting IT requirements using modern development methods.

Thanks to aurebus’ extensive expertise, our eShop was successfully connected to our ERP systems via synchronous and high-performance web services (with runtimes < 10 ms) over BIS6 in a short time.

aurebus also impresses with very advanced technical knowledge in the SAP PI / SAP PO environment. Integration scenarios are automatically analyzed in depth in SAP using proven aurebus tools, providing valuable results for further processing.

We can rely on aurebus to adhere to time and budget plans. The planning and implementation of IT projects with aurebus are characterized by professionalism, flexibility, and joy in the work. We therefore enjoy working with the friendly team at aurebus.

We plan to continue working closely with aurebus in the future, further expanding our collaboration and continuing to achieve success together.

Stephan Kost – IT Development Manager
Bossard AG

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