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These Issues in EDI Operations Must Be Solved

Electronic B2B Data Exchange (EDI) Must Run Smoothly. Errors in EDI Operations, Supply Chain Delays, or Warehouse Issues Must Be Resolved Quickly. Anything Else Is Not an Option.

“We are missing an order from Besterkunde GmbH in the system. Can you please check this quickly? This is our most important customer, and we need to deliver tomorrow!”

“The order data is not arriving at the warehouse. The warehouse is at a standstill. Is something wrong with the EDI system?”

“We have 10 new suppliers that need to be integrated via EDI in the next 6 weeks. This is very important! Can you please make this happen!”

These and many other scenarios are encountered by many companies every day.

A common issue: on-premises EDI systems that have not been regularly updated. SEEBURGER BIS security measures are missing. This is an alarming reality. Outdated BIS systems can become ticking time bombs that threaten a company’s security, efficiency, and compliance. In a world where digital agility determines success or failure, operating with outdated software is a risky gamble.

Companies are high-performance ships navigating the turbulent waters of the global market. SEEBURGER BIS systems are the digital engines of these ships for thousands of companies. What happens if this engine is not maintained and cared for? The answer is simple and disturbing: you steer into a storm of functional impairments, cyber threats, performance losses, and potentially even legal consequences. Neglecting updates to business-critical software can become a risk that endangers a company’s security, efficiency, and compliance.

SEEBURGER BIS Patch und Update Service
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Solution: SEEBURGER BIS Security Service

Our specialized subscription-based patch and update service is the SEEBURGER BIS Security Service. Backed by years of experience, it provides exactly what on-premises BIS systems need. The SEEBURGER BIS expertise allows us to perform updates in even the most complex EDI system landscapes faster, cleaner, more organized, and seamlessly, ensuring that your company always stays up-to-date without unnecessary operational disruptions.

“Our state-of-the-art, mission-critical BIS6 systems are kept up-to-date through Aurebus’ subscription-based patch and update service. In this context, we receive numerous additional services from Aurebus alongside the actual patches and updates, ensuring that our central SEEBURGER B2B platform remains stable, highly available, high-performing, and seamlessly operational.”

Thomas Bühring, Head of IT System Technology, Soennecken eG

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